Styrofoam Pumpkins


I would first like to thank Ghostess for the original idea for this. She used scrap foam to make hers. I had no scrap but I did have 3/4 of a sheet with no use in sight until I saw hers. Ghostess used bead board foam, I used the pink insulation foam, so either will work for this project.

Total cost to make one is about 15.00 dollars
I first cut up most of the sheet and glued
the layers together using gorrilla glue.
With what little scrap I had left I
stacked them together and also glued.
I let it set over night.
During the making of this the stem
fell off and I decided to leave it off,
Looked good without it.
Now the fun part, making something square round!
Since I was new to foam prop making I used an
assortment of tools to shape
this going from one to another
 I used a hacksaw, a doublesided hand saw,
2 regular saws one large the other small,
a hand held grinder and almost
grabbed an electric chainsaw!
 I will say I now have a bit more
experience and better foam tools.
(foam cutter! duh!)
Anyway at the time I settled for
the hacksaw and double edged hand saw.

Finally getting the round shape I was looking for,
I used a marker to put lines from
top to bottom criss crossing the top
(I didn't measure) until I thought I had enough
I then grabbed my drywall saw (rotarysaw)
 and put one of my dremel bits in it.
It has a depth gauge so it was pretty much fool proof.
I ran it along the lines.
I then grabbed my dremel with a brown
grinding wheel on it to widen the lines a bit more.
After all that this is what it looked like at that point.
Now time for the sander.
This took some time but it was worth it.
Next step hollowing it out.
I did this a couple of different ways.
I started by using a drill with a
wood boring bit and my trusty shop vac.
I started in the bottom drilling out sections
then grabbing the vacuum and cleaning out debris.
This unfortunately could only go so far
and I was afraid of drilling through.
 I tried a dremel with a fleible shaft but my big ole' clumsy
 hands couldn't get in and I couldn't see what I was doing.
 So I  had to do something a bit drastic.
I cut it in half.
I then decided to experiment and
 found this to hollow out my pumpkin.
It's a wire brush bit and it worked great.
One draw back it took me almost an hr to clean up after.
So if you use this as well do it outside! Now it's all hollowed out.
I then glued it back together and called it a night.
Next morning I used some wood filler,
 filled in any dents, dings, or oops cuts.
Let dry then did a little sanding.
I then grabbed the Monster Mud
and gave it 2 coats. Let dry.
Now time to carve the face.
Since I am no artist I went on line and found a face I liked,
blew it up and printed it out taped it
together and taped it to the pumpkin.
I then very carefully carved out the face.
I then painted the inside black,
the inside edges of the eyes,
nose, and mouth red.
Then gave the whole thing a coat of orange.

Here I took a piece of foam trimmed down the edges,
then hotglued my light on it and painted it all black.
I had to use some silver paint on the inside back
of pumpkin so the light would show up better
I then took the light and screwed  it to the bottom and
gave that a coat of black then a couple coats of orange.
I then did a little bit more light sanding on the pumpkin
 and gave it a final coat of orange and painted the tip green.
There ya go!
This is a second one I made using the same directions.
As you can see following these directions your
result will be different every time, depending on
what size you cut the foam into.
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