Bank-backed blockchain consortium files for insolvency, one of the earliest blochcain coalitions for trade finance is entering insolvency after its banking shareholders pulled the plug.

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Surprising Crypto News in the Philippines! Union Bank Offering Crypto Trading Services

The Union Bank of the Philippines plans to offer crypto trading and custodial services. Gianna discusses what crypto adoption could mean for the Philippine economy.

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Helping Investors Transition to deFi with Brad Yasar of EQIFi

In this episode, Jay speaks with Brad Yasar, CEO of EQIFi, a global DeFi gateway on a mission to become the Financial Hub of the Metaverse. Brad Yasar is an entrepreneur, investor, mentor, and advisor with a global focus on blockchain and innovative technologies. He has conceived and bootstrapped several companies to maturity over the past 30 years. Brad shares how EQIFi is addressing two pain points: TradFi’s reluctance to crypto and helping investors transition to DeFi. Brad and Jay also discuss the vision and tokenomics of EQIFi, current issues that blockchain can solve, and the need for regulation and codifying blockchain today.

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About Guests
Brad is currently the CEO of EQIFI, the premiere decentralized global banking platform. He is also the Founder of Beyond Enterprises, offering strategic and technical leadership, advisory, and support to projects in all blockchain implementation and development stages. As the co-founder of Blockchain Investors Consortium (BIC) with over 5 billion dollars allocated to blockchain/cryptocurrency projects, Brad has access to extensive deal flow with experience analyzing disruptive technologies. He has participated in dozens of successful crowd sales, raising billions from hundreds of thousands of investors since 2016.

Brad also serves as the President of Yasar Corporation, where he mentored, advised, and invested in more than 100 companies. Brad’s expertise and enthusiasm for the intersection of technology and world markets make him a sought-after speaker. He is frequently invited to speak at events on entrepreneurship, angel investing, and business strategy. He has presented at EBAN, WBAF, d10e, NexChange, and CoinAgenda to name a few, and was most recently featured on TRT World, CNN International, and Spectrum News.

You’ll learn about:
How EQIFi aims to connect the metaverse
EQIFi’s roadmap
Helping investors transition to DeFi
Blockchain and the importance of compensating for human job loss
The need for the global financial system to agree on regulating and codifying blockchain

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