Bank of Thailand launched blockchain-based government savings bond platform

Thailand's central bank has teamed up with IBM to launch the world's first blockchain-based platform for government savings bonds, issuing a total of $1.6 billion within two weeks.

Bond on the Ethereum Blockchain

Przemek Siemion from Banco Santander SA talks about Santander’s launch of a $20 million blockchain bond that runs on the public Ethereum blockchain. Banco Santander is itself the issuer of the $20 million bond, while one of the Group’s units purchased the bond at market price.
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Central Bank Of Brazil Will Launch A Platform Based On Blockchain To Share Institutional Data

Central Bank Of Brazil Will Launch A Platform Based On Blockchain To Share Institutional Data

The technology behind Bitcoin, blockchain, continues to be adopted both by innovative projects that are funded through ICOs and by public authorities to improve and update their routine operations. On this occasion, the Central Bank of Brazil (BCB) has taken a step forward with this technology and in a press release on June 18th, 2018, revealed the creation of a platform supported by blockchain.

This platform will have the name of ‘Pier’ and will allow sharing data between the executives of the financial institution and the various public institutions of the South American country for said data transmission to be conducted in a secure and immutable manner, so that no other entity can modify or access the data without prior authorization and the relevant passkeys. 

The development of Pier derives from a series of studies that have been carried out since 2016 by the technical team of the financial entity of the South American country and it is estimated that, if all the tests are carried out well, the launch date of the new platform will be at the end of 2018.

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Blockchain In 7 Minutes | What Is Blockchain | Blockchain Explained|How Blockchain Works|Simplilearn

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