BNP Paribas joins IBM Cloud for Financial Services initiative

BNP Paribas is to become an anchor client in the EU for IBM's Cloud for Financial Services framework, developed in collaboration with Bank of America to drive financial-grade security and compliance controls in public cloud infrastructures.

IBM Cloud Now: Cloud for Financial Services, Analytics Engine Serverless Plan, and COS Versioning

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This week, we’re covering the following:
(00:21) 1. IBM Cloud for Financial Services Continues Expansion:
(01:26) 2. IBM Analytics Engine Serverless Plan: 
(02:21) 3. IBM COS Versioning:

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IBM Cloud Satellite & Financial Services Workloads

In a recent client conversation & demo, the topic focused on how to run Financial Services workloads across a hybrid cloud environment. The compliance issues alone prohibited their progress, and they didn’t know how they could deliver these workloads in many locations around the world.

I talked through how IBM can help:
1) Build, deliver, and manage applications across a hybrid multi-cloud environment
2) Bring the best of cloud wherever it’s needed – in any location – and still experience a simple “as a service” experience
3) View common compliance across the entire platform

I felt the topic (and demo) was worth sharing here. In it you will see IBM Cloud Satellite in action, along with Security & Compliance on IBM Cloud, OpenShift, and Azure.

I’d love to hear your comments below!

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Luminor Bank Adopts IBM Cloud for Financial Services to Accelerate Digital Transformation

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Luminor, the third largest bank in the Baltic region, turned to IBM to help accelerate its digital transformation while continuously strengthening security and regulatory compliance processes by migrating its IT infrastructure to IBM Cloud for Financial Services. With IBM, Luminor aims to accelerate its adoption of next-generation technology and digital-driven solutions in a hybrid cloud environment to help deliver better outcomes across business processes, enable faster application deployments and bring agility with enhanced security and resilience.

BNP Paribas and IBM Cloud with CIO Bernard Gavgani

As a CIO, BNP Paribas’s Bernard Gavgani has to manage the French bank’s digital transformation while working with legacy systems — all the while ensuring the data of customers. He discusses how moving to IBM Cloud has given his firm flexibility, innovation and security.