ECB payments experts sound the death knell for bitcoin

Senior payments experts at the European Central Bank have dismissed bitcoin as a marketing scam that should not be legitimised by regulatory intervention. Basics – How To Pay Rent With Bitcoin

So, how do you pay for your rent with Bitcoin? ⬆️

What is Basics?
Our newest series, Basics, is here to help you get the most out of your rental experience.
In this series, we will be taking you through our platform and providing in-depth tutorials of all our features.

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Crypto Is Now Dead | Chetan Bhagat Writes About The Death Of Crypto 2022

Obituaries for the crypto space have surpassed the 400s. Whether it be Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency asset. Could this one be the time it’s actually correct?

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How to pass your Crypto upon your death is explained.

This is the second video of a series explaining cryptocurrency and the law. How to protect your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. How to set up your own personal property trust.

I explain how to protect your cryptocurrency and hand it down to your children.
I also explain how to avoid probate, and use a simple cryptocurrency trust.

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0:00 Introduction How to set up your own cryptocurrency trust without a lawyer
0:22 What a trust does for you
0:30 Can a trust avoid taxes
0:40 Most times the taxes flow from the trust to the grantor
9:50 Upon your death the tax burden goes to the beneficiary
1:10 Do you need an attorney to set up a trust? No.
1:25 Most people can set up a simple personal property trust on their own
1:30 You name yourself as the trustee
1:38 You name the beneficiary as the person who will receive the cryptocurrency upon your death
1:46 Successor Trustee takes over upon your death
2:10 Defining some legal terms
2:13 Grantor definition
2:19 Trustee definition
2:26 Beneficiary definition
2:39 Successor Trustee definition
2:49 Successor Beneficiary definition
3:00 In some states you cannot be the sole trustee and the sole grantor
3:20 You can’t be the sole trustee and the sole beneficiary
3:26 Formalities to follow setting up your cryptocurrency trust
3:40 Formalities of a will, two witnesses and a notary
4:05 Trust template to create your own trust
4:08 Name your trust any name you like
4:30 You are the Grantor
4:40 Name the Beneficiary
4:55 Name the Successor Beneficiary
5:18 The Trustee has duties to perform
5:30 Trustee checks for software updates to wallets
5:40 One crypto wallet per beneficiary
6:26 Separate wallets for separate trusts
7:00 Signing the trust documents to make it official
7:13 Two disinterested witnesses
7:16 Notary for your signatures at grantor and co trustee
7:29 Schedule A form listing the property you put into the trust
8:11 What to do with your private key


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