IBM acquires Canadian payments outfit Expertus

IBM has acquired Canadian fintech Expertus as part of a strategy to extend its hybrid cloud offerings deeper into the AI and payments space.

Payments Modernization 101 | Payments Academy

Around the world, countries are modernizing their modern payments systems to take advantage of the incredible innovation in the payment sector. Canada is hard at work to ensure it continues to be a global leader and innovator in payments. While Canadians are already starting to see these changes take effect, Payments Canada continues to work toward modernizing Canada’s payments system. When complete our systems will be an engine for innovation helping our economy move faster, further and more securely than ever before. Watch this video to learn about how we are doing this.

Why Work With An Authorized IBC Practitioner? | Infinite Banking Canada Group

‘Introducing IBC In Canada’ Video Now Available:

We aim to correct the common misconceptions that people have about money. Conventional wisdom and education about money leaves out key information which has been used by banks and the wealthy for years. The practitioners that make up our network will show you a new way to think about and handle money so you can utilize the Infinite Banking Concept in your own finances to become your own banker.

We are authorized Infinite Banking practitioners and we work to pass our knowledge on to each of our clients to ensure they can attain their financial goals. Each of our advisors are dedicated to making sure you get the best options for wealth creation available, strategizing and working to get the best results possible for every client we work with.

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For further information on IBC and how the Infinite Banking Concept works within the Canadian income tax act, please discuss with your accountant or visit

Can market led standards and open banking regulations co exist

The SUMMIT is Canada’s premier payment conference. On April 26 – 28, 2022, The 2022 SUMMIT brought together the best thinkers, visionaries and disruptors to discuss the future of payments in Canada and around the globe. Explore how modern payments will create new opportunities for us as a nation, as an industry, and as individuals. Learn more at

Jason Chomik, Canadian Director, Financial Data Exchange
Sarah Gowdy, Vice-President, Open Banking, Tangerine
Mark Sam, Ecosystem Development, Plaid

The Financial Data Exchange (FDX) is a non-profit and market-led standards body that is dedicated to unifying the Canadian financial services ecosystem around a common, interoperable and royalty-free technical standard for open banking, aptly named the FDX API. FDX also operates in the U.S. and counts over 60 firms operating in Canada within its global membership. This includes innovative Canadian fintechs, Canada’s large banks and credit union organizations, payment networks, major financial data aggregators and other Canadian financial services stakeholders.

As movement towards a Canadian open banking regime continues, many wonder whether a hybrid system of government regulation and market-driven technical standards can truly co-exist. Our panel of experts from across the Canadian financial services landscape will explore the challenges and opportunities of an open banking system that seeks to provide regulatory clarity and guidance while also preserving, and even enhancing, competition and innovation through industry standards. Hear insights on the potential open banking payments environment in Canada and how both market and regulatory progress can proceed in tandem.

Expanding of Contribution – Yaryna Hotlib (Playtika) – IS Summit 22

When you’re hearing “Contribution” – most probably, what’s coming up in your mind couple lines of code in some repo. But for us, in Playtika after more than a year of active usage InnerSource patterns and practices – we’ve started to discover the true and full power of Contribution in all possible meanings of this word. It’s much more than just about a code – it’s about collaboration. Shared ownership, active participation in Community, feedback, ideas, and started discussions on GitHub – that is what Contribution in Playtika is.

This approach is reflected in the personal recognition system, the department’s maturity matrix, and Community gamification rules – all across the company. That helped to create shared environment where “Dare to challenge” is a true value

Yaryna Hotlib is a Group Manager in Playtika. Israel-based digital entertainment company specializing in developing and publishing mobile casino games. Playtika had over 35+ million monthly active users, and 4k employees who are delivering value in 17 different locations. Yaryna is leading InnerSource and Community Initiatives in Playtika.

Always focusing on enabling collaboration between engineering teams and improvement of developers’ experience, Yaryna’s career has come full circle starting from managing scaled, distributed teams, to leading a product management division and now using this foundational knowledge to create empowering environment, where emerge high-quality re-usable components and holistic product solutions.

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