NextGen Nordics 2023 agenda announced

NextGen Nordics will return on 25th April 2023 to Stockholm, Sweden and the timing of this event could not be better placed.

The Next Generation NCLEX Uses Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT)

The Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) uses Computer Adaptive Technology (CAT). This video explains why CAT is used for NCLEX and how it works. Topics covered include item selection and pass/fail rules.

NextGen Nordics: P27 Momentum with EPAM

Alistair Brown, Global Head of Payments, EPAM, speaks about P27 in the lead up to NextGen Nordics. He describes how the ambitious P27 journey is shaping up, what challenges lie ahead, which industry players will benefit most from the initiative and what EPAM hope to take away from Finextra’s NextGen Nordic event in Stockholm.

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NextGenEnglish | Grammar: Present Continuous

How do we talk about things that are happening right now?

Learn more about the present continuous here:

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Mysterious Plane Seen in Area 51 in Satellite Image | is F/A XX starting to appear in public

The Navy’s New 6th Generation Fighter Could Be Revolutionary
U.S. Navy document, titled Navy Aviation Vision 2030-2035, sheds some light on the Navy’s newest fighter, the 6th-generation F/A-XX.
F/A-XX Program – Revealing The Next Generation of F/A-18E/F Super Hornet
The initial rendering of the F/A-XX was published in a document titled “Navy Aviation Vision, 2030–2035”.

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