Tencent invests in UK fintech

Chinese ecommerce giant Tencent has led a funding round into London-based fintech Previse.

Revolut hits $33bn valuation after giant fundraise | Record-breaking year for UK FinTech

Revolut hits $33bn valuation with $800m Series E investment
UK fintech sector enjoys record-breaking year for investments
Danish digital bank Lunar secures €210m Series D funding

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Tencent Holdings Might Never Be The Same Again

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Tencent: Opportunity Of A Lifetime… | TCEHY Stock | Invested

Tencent stock | TCEHY stock has experienced a significant appreciation in valuation, correlated with easing regulatory risk factors…

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Tencent: Opportunity Of A Lifetime… | TCEHY Stock | Invested

China destroyed its tech giants. Here’s why.

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The Chinese government cracked down on Jack Ma, Alibaba, Ant Financial, Tencent and pretty much every Chinese internet company you might have heard of, wiping out trillions of dollars in value. Here’s why.

The Story Behind – ep. 91

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